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With products consumers should expect -
(7 Day Jumpstart Cleanse Detox drinks  ) 

-Digestive tract cleansing (bowel movements). 

-Detox Drinks can began working 30 minutes to a few hours after consumption. 

-Best consumed cold or slightly frozen so you may choose to refrigerate/freeze the detox drink for 30 minutes or so before consumption. NOTE: Freezing your drink is recommended but not required.

-Recommend to drink in the morning (Can adjust to your schedule).

-Do not lay down right after consumption.

-Consume one drink every 48 hours - for 7 days. 

-Detox drinks and capsules can not be consumed together. 


 With all supplements each consumer should:

(All supplements) 

-Take 1-2 Capsules before the first meal of the day - with 8oz glass of water. 


-Drink a gallon of water through out the day (every 24 hours) 

If you take supplements at 9am, by the following day at 9am you should have consumed a gallon of water. (Will experience dry mouth if your body is dehydrating.) 


-Expect your appetite to be smaller, expect to loose inches before the numbers on the scale move.


-Exercise is not required. But you can exercise daily if you choose to do so 


-We do suggest clean eating while on the products. Avoid fast food. 


-Water is the key to results with the capsules...the more water you drink, the better results you will see. 

Because of the appetite suppressor, it is important to eat a hardy meal (something more than a cup of yogurt or oatmeal). 


 **If you have controllable HBP follow the previous directions but take your HBP Meds 1hr before taking the Supplements.


Please, take before and after photos preferably in the same outfit on day 1 and on day 30. Send photos and results to

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