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Cleanse Your Body & Feel Amazing With PDX FOOT-TOX Pads!


The soles of your feet are believed to be connected to all major organs and systems within your body.  Our foot pads stimulate your body's reflex points to help promote better sleep, relieve pain and stress, and support your immune system.


Remedy Health Detox Pads are used on the feet according to the Chinese tradition of foot reflexology.  Detox patches are said to stimulate nerve endings on the bottom of your feet and improving energy flow and resolve circulation to problem areas of the body, clearing toxins build-up and enabling elimination of waste.




  • Improves blood circulation & cleansing
  • Helps to reduce swelling in the body and assists in boosting the immune system
  • With natural ingredients, there are no side-effects
  • Easy application & safe to use
  • Detox foot pads work while you sleep
  • 10 patches; enough for 5 applications


These premium detox foot patches contain vegetable dextrin, menthol and other natural ingredients to promote natural detoxification and enhance your body's health. Purais Detox Foot Patches work overnight to help increase circulation, improve immunity, reduce stress and pain and relieve sore, tired and swollen feet. You'll see and feel the difference!


Simply apply the patch at night and see the results in the morning!


INGREDIENTS: Bamboo vinegar essence, tourmaline, natural herbs.

PDX Foot Tox

SKU: 7938886764350.17


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